San Lameer Development - A sanctuary for the senses

Every possible step has been taken to keep the San Lameer environment as natural as possible. The design philosophy behind the villas has been to make them a harmonious part of the environment, where animals and
human habitats blend in a hue of natural earth tones. The roads have been constructed with materials that tone in with the surroundings, while development programs are managed according to strict environmental and aesthetic rules.

The Estate is regarded as a nature reserve and only 40 percent of the land may be developed. The developer, Sanlam Properties and the Master Home Owners Association, ensure this by constantly monitoring new developments and by a strict adherence to the Estate's declared nature conservation plan.

The Estate's conservation program is audited annually by an independent environmental specialist. The conservation programme includes the protection of a rare mangrove swamp that boasts such rare vegetation as fresh water mangroves, snake lilies and wild frangipani.

With such pristine surroundings, expect to find yourself in another world - paradise.
San Lameer Nature Conservancy

The San Lameer Conservancy was registered with the KwaZulu-Natal Parks Board as an "urban" conservancy in January 1996. One year later, the Parks Board presented San Lameer with a certificate proclaiming it as a "site of conservation significance".

The Conservancy is situated in the township development "San Lameer" which incorporates an area of approximately 200 hectares extending from the beach in the East to the main road in the West and from the Trafalgar municipal border in the South to the Marina Beach municipal border in the North. The Conservancy incorporates three main vegetation categories, being: dune, forest and grasslands.

The Conservancy's mission is "to preserve, in perpetuity, the natural environment of forest types, dune vegetation and grasslands (including wet grassland) for the benefit of the animals, birds and other creatures occurring there and enjoyment of San Lameer's homeowners, staff and visitors."

    There are six objectives that the Conservancy strives to achieve:
  1. To protect and manage the environment and, in particular, the indigenous vegetation, through the application of sound conservation practices which will include:
    The eradication of alien vegetation
    Linking areas of natural vegetation by revegetating cleared areas
    Encouraging wetland vegetation around constructed dams
    Providing habitats for wildlife populations
    Managing the indigenous herbivore populations
    Controlling pollution (including litter) on the estate
    Creating and maintaining walking trails and other appropriate facilities, which encourage the enjoyment of the natural environment
  2. To educate, generate interest and active participation by homeowners and other interested parties, in the preservation of the Conservancy's ecosystem and associated flora and fauna.
  3. To improve general security in the area.
  4. To promote eco-tourism, bird watching and public awareness of the importance of the natural environment and indigenous flora by providing controlled access to an unspoiled setting of particular biodiversity and natural beauty.
  5. To affiliate with any conservancy, governing or national body that will benefit the Conservancy.
  6. 6. To raise funds to achieve it's objectives and fulfill its mission.
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