San Lameer Homeowners Arrival Notification - Covid - 19 - Level 3 OR

Please take note that we will only give access to you and your immediate family members who resides with you in your main residence.
if applicable
Cleaning Service
+- 2 Hours
09H00 - 15H30
Price Table

inclusive of linen:
1 Bedroom - R451
2 Bedroom - R671
3 Bedroom - R971
4 Bedroom - R1177
5 Bedroom - R1262
exclusive of linen:
1 Bedroom - R370
2 Bedroom - R422
3 Bedroom - R622
4 Bedroom - R717
5 Bedroom - R816
2 Day departure villas:
1 Bedroom - R609
2 Bedroom - R884
3 Bedroom - R1214
4 Bedroom - R1453
5 Bedroom - R1547

1 Bedroom - R157
2 Bedroom - R214
3 Bedroom - R243
4 Bedroom - R276
5 Bedroom - R285

09h00 - 15h30 @ R267 p/service

09h00 - 15h30 @ R334 p/service
09h00 - 13h00 @ R255 p/service

1 Bedroom - R186
2 Bedroom - R277
3 Bedroom - R407
4 Bedroom - R532
5 Bedroom - R647

1 Bedroom - R166
2 Bedroom - R184
3 Bedroom - R205
4 Bedroom - R225
5 Bedroom - R247

1 Bedroom- R627
2 Bedroom- R755
3 Bedroom- R994
4 Bedroom- R1115
5 Bedroom- R1346

*NOTE: Discounted offers are on window cleaning, full day service & deep cleans.
Listed pricing is already discounted.
T&C’S: All discounts will be on offer for the duration of level 3 lockdown.
Deep cleans are subject to onsite inspection and price may vary.


1. Access to the Township does not absolve me from my obligation to comply with the Lockdown Regulations. I will also be responsible for ensuring due compliance with the Lockdown Regulations by all persons that derive access to the Township through me, be they my family members, employees, contractors or service providers.

2. Without limiting the generality of the aforesaid I shall be responsible for ensuring that I and all persons who I bring into or authorise to enter the Township:

  • are duly permitted to do so in terms of the Lockdown Regulations; and
  • strictly comply with all applicable health protocols and social distancing measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 as provided for in the Lockdown Regulations whilst in the Township; and
  • are not known or suspected to be infected with the COVID-19 virus or are known or suspected to have been in contact with a person infected with the COVID-19 virus in the 14 (fourteen) days preceding the date of most recent access into the Township.

3. I accept that I am responsible for ensuring that daily symptom screening of all of my household staff is undertaken by or on my behalf, that staff who present with COVID-19 symptoms are not permitted to work and are immediately escorted out of the Township and the Association duly notified and that they do not return to work until they are duly cleared of COVID-19, that the necessary personal protective equipment (at minimum cloth masks or other face shields) are supplied and utilised by all of my household staff at all times whilst in the Township, that my household staff have access to and utilise suitable sanitation and hygiene products whilst at work and that appropriate social distancing measures are observed, together with such further requirements to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus as may be introduced in terms of the Lockdown Regulations from time to time.

4. If I employ contractors and service providers to carry out work on my behalf in the Township that I will be responsible for ensuring that the contractors and service providers are in possession of the following documentation:

  • Workplace Plan as provided for in terms of Regulation 16(6)(b) of the Regulations;
  • Name and contact details of the entity’s Compliance Officer;
  • A schedule of dates and times access will be required together with relevant villa number/s;
  • Attendance register showing scanned temperatures of all employees accessing the Township and which is to be signed-off and submitted by the contractor and/or service provider employer on a daily basis;
  • Permits corresponding with Form 2 of Annexure A for all employees who will be moving between provinces, metropolitan areas, districts or any hotspot in order to carry out work in the Township

5. I confirm that I have appointed the following person as my agent to manage and /or carry out my household staff or contractor’s responsibilities referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4 above:

6. I acknowledge that the Association, its directors, employees and agents, shall not under any circumstances be liable for any and all claims, damages or loss of whatsoever nature made by any person arising from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, claims, damages or loss arising (whether directly or indirectly) from a failure, neglect or omission, by any person to comply with the Lockdown Regulations and/or as a result of any person being infected with or contracting COVID-19 and I and all persons entering or residing in the Estate accept all risks and indemnify and hold the Association harmless against all such claims, damages or loss.

“Lockdown Regulations” means all Regulations issued in terms of Section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002, and all relevant Directives issued in terms thereof.

Please find link to Indemnity form that needs to be downloaded. Please read the indemnity and all regulations associated.

Covid 19 Indemnity form
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